• Waste heat supplemental combustion recycling system

    The furnace type is specially designed for the unstable situation of various steam, flue gas, air and other waste heat power generation in metallurgical, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Its working principle is to produce high-temperature smoke through the combustion of fuel (factory surplus gas or natural gas, etc.). The gas exchanges heat with the waste heat medium to increase the temperature of the waste heat flue gas to meet the design and operation requirements of the waste heat boiler, thereby improving the working efficiency of the waste heat boiler.


    a) Regenerative burners are used. The main gas chamber and combustion air chamber of the burner are arranged alternately in multiple layers, and swirl fins are provided to effectively enhance the mixing of air and fuel; a combustion stabilizing device is installed for blast furnace gas to ensure that the gas pressure can still maintain stable combustion when the gas pressure fluctuates within a relatively large range, without misfire or backfire;
    b) Adopt multi-layer graded air distribution design and air film protection structure, which not only effectively reduces the generation of NOx, but also effectively maintains the furnace temperature and prolongs the service life of refractory castables;
    c) Select the NBMS combustion control system independently developed by NBE to realize the adaptive dynamic stability of the supplementary combustion system;
    d) Low requirements on the supply range of waste heat, and adaptive adjustment of 0-110% can be achieved;
    e) Make full use of the on-site facilities, reasonably arrange the system equipment, save investment, the system is simple and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

    Project performance

    Tongling Fuxin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
    1×6MW pellet cooling transformation and comprehensive utilization of sintering waste heat for power generation project

    Yunnan Qujing Chenggang Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Waste heat power generation project 1×180m2 sintering ring cooler waste heat supplementary combustion system

    Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.
    Sintering waste heat power generation system supplementary combustion system

    Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.

    360M2sintering waste heat power generation supplementary combustion transformation project